The Supernatural Female Hivemind Deity 11

On my last Euro jaunt I did  a lot of daygame. I went out when I didn’t feel like it and I walked round, often in baking sunshine and forced myself to open girls. I noticed that I was doing some things sub-optimally and I tried to work on those a little. I had some blowouts and all the time I had a constant, ceaseless voice in my head, like most daygamers get I suspect… let’s call it “the jimjim voice” which says “this is a farce” or “this is weird” or “fuck all this, just be a diving instructor in Thailand”. I fight the voice.

I ended up  having a few decent sets. I worked text game. I worked Facebook game. I had some dates and at a certain point I realised… oh yeah… i’m now praying to the Supernatural Female Hivemind Deity. I’m there with a chip on my shoulder thinking “right! I’ve really worked on this stuff. I’ve improved myself. I’ve identified weaknesses so…. come on women…. give me at least one… right?”. It’s a hilarious mental trap that I see many other intermediate gamers as well as myself fall into. You develop an expectation that somehow because of the work you’ve put in you’re now at least owed a crumb of reward, that if there were any justice in the universe then one of those leads, right, would come through and you’d get the lay. You start to develop weird mental deals with karma. You find yourself saying “ok ok karma… just give me this one lay… and I promise I’ll totally do twice the work for the next one” or “just let that one backpacker turn up DTF then I swear my vibe will totally be better permanently”.

Unfortunately I’ve discovered there is no Supernatural Female Hivemind Deity magically listening in on male pickup activity and equitably doling out the flange on a fair formula related to work put in. Plus, if there was such a hivemind it would probably loathe men who had to try and work on themselves to get girls. There is a hivemind, kind of, it’s called hypergamy and it doesn’t give a shit how hard your personal ‘journey’ has been and how many sweat-lodges you’ve visited to get in touch with yourself. It doesn’t care how many video products you’ve watched or how traumatic your whole game journey has been. It cares how attractive you are compared to other men and it cares which men other women find attractive. Daygame is designed to get round this hivemind. Successful nightgame requires exploiting it.

It’s not the difficulty of the change that gets results, it’s where the change takes you to; and praying to the game gods or the female hivemind is a bad habit as it lets entitlement creep into your game, and entitlement is a vibe killer and nothing will dry up a woman’s pussy like a bad vibe. Jesus christ bitch! The Blueprint was 18 hours long! Don’t I at least get a hand job for that?

I choose to ignore all this so the game gods had better listen…. I’ve worked really hard so far so I should at least get a lay or two from all this. If I do I swear I’ll write loads of evangelically pro-daygame posts to bring you fresh sacrifices. Deal?

I bring you fresh souls oh great one.

I bring you fresh souls oh great one.