Tom Torero 0

Tribute Book A few of us are compiling a kind of ‘tribute book’ for Tom’s family. I announced this on Krauser’s blog. If you wish to contribute, submissions are still open until we say they’re not, so please send to tomtributebook and then gmail and the usual suffix. Meetup There is a memorial meetup in(…)

Death By A Thousand Sluts, Part Two 61

  It’s been a long time coming but I’m glad to announce that my second book in the cataclysmic ‘Death By A Thousand Sluts’ series is now available. My release page is here. You can buy from Lulu here. It’s paperback only and I will not release an ebook until some indeterminate point in the future. Enjoy!

A Wolf in Rabbit’s Clothing 70

It’s Monday morning at Ace Recruitment agency. Gavin picks up the phone, stares into the receiver and shudders. Beside him, Kenny reclines back in his seat talking loudly and confidently into his bluetooth headset. “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah… sure, sure, sure… fo’ sure, fo’ sure” he smirks at Gavin and gives him the thumbs-up. Gavin(…)

Colombia 34

I had high hopes for Colombia. I’d heard many a player raving about it as the promised land. “All the girls are so hot!” and “there’s such a disparity between men and women, they love us!”. Many a misty-eyed PUA said to me: “Man…. we would be SO SHINY”. I thought I’d see for myself. Medellin(…)

Reclaiming this blog 12

For a long time I have had absolutely zero urge to blog. Why is this? I used to enjoy it and found it helpful. Now it seems like an unpleasant task which I keep shirking. I don’t like what I’ve slipped into with this blog. It was always a virtually hidden, underground blog which had one(…)

Mehico 19

[Ok, it’s a bit flat, but I’ve finally written a post. Rather than prevaricate futher, I’ll publish it and get the wheels turning.]     Since my last post I’ve been busy. A winter in South America and now back to the UK, ready to start the Euro-jaunt season. Thinner, wiser, browner and more dashingly(…)

Ebook release 9

Finally, I’ve got round to releasing Death By A Thousand Sluts as an ebook. You can buy it here. It’s formatted as PDF, which although being ‘non-flow’ at least preserves the layout with footnotes, pop-out boxes etc. This is how it looks on my Kindle paperwhite:   And this is how it looks on the(…)

Ebook oops 1

Well I obviously haven’t posted in a long time and this one is going to be a great anti-climax. Ok ok I will write a ‘real’ post today or tomorrow and break my posting-fast. In the meantime, I was toying with making my ebook a pdf and accidentally left the project accessible for sale on(…)