On Naturals: Part One 11

I used to believe in Naturals.

The Natural: the man who can, without explicitly learning game, based on his own charisma or magnetism attract and sleep with lots of women of a respectable quality.

As a chode who regarded the sexual marketplace as nothing more than an indicipherable¬†set of secret, mysterious customs I knew of many guys that other guys thought “were good with women”. At University there was “that cool guy” on your corridor who was acknowledged by all as ‘a bit of a ladies man’. After University, moving through the more socially sparse region of my twenties when I encountered ouposts of human interaction they usually contained one guy that either seemed to be successful with women or whom everybody thought was. In fact, doesn’t The Natural feature heavily in most chode’s painful “origin stories”. They certainly do in mine. The Natural: the nemesis of the gamer. The brother who got everything for free while the other brother had to crawl over miles of crushed glass for every crust which reached his mouth.

But recently I got thinking, how many naturals actually are there? And then I started analyzing all the naturals I’ve known and deconstructing them and then to my suprise I realize there are an awful lot less than I at first thought. Let’s first start with University or for you Americans, ‘college’. Now looking back at the characters I encountered, the cool guys that every somehow knew were ‘good with women’ my first thought was.. how many girls did these guys actually fuck?

My main nemesis at University, the opressively good looking “best friend” who value-tapped my existence, the guy we both acknowledged was “attractive to women”… left University with three lays. Three! Pathetic. The other guy, the older super-cool Bohemian guy; I think he screwed up to a dozen girls a year. The Mancunian scally whom I saw groups of girls openly discuss as “hot”… perhaps a half dozen a year. These are not huge laycounts. In fact given the OUTRAGEOUS ABUNDANCE OF SINGLE AND SLUTTY GIRLS at college I’d say they were all tragic.

I can say with absolute certainty that with one tenth of the game I have now I could have fucked ten times the women I did at University. So that’s ten. Heh. With the game I have now I could have left college having fucked skywards of fifty girls. It’s speculation right? It’s hindsight speculation and it’s calibration. Have you ever been on a date and not done that well then a week later thought back to that date and realised what you did wrong or realised what song was playing that you couldn’t recognize at the time? I call this a calibration-lag. Suddenly that little piece of the mystery fills in and the calibration-jigsaw becomes a little clearer. From then on when you’re on another date and the same song starts playing…. you know the dance! Right? Well the same can happen here. I look back at the people I knew, the social situations, I remember explicitly all the nights out, the bars, the clubs, the groups of friends, the social dynamics interplay, the things the girls did and said, their expressions, their attitudes, the things they told me… and my judgement is as above: that with my game now I could have fucked myself senseless.

So if a guy at college fucks a dozen girls a year… is he a natural? I’d argue not. If he leaves University and continues to do so… and hasn’t learned game, then I’d strongly argue that he is. Post-college life is a barren desert of social interaction compared to college. Most people scatter to the wind and end up in city X or town Y in an office, and given the polarised career inclinations of men and women usually an office full of men, and their social circle contracts. Continuing to fuck a dozen girls a year through your twenties is in my opinion spectacular.

Back to college. So how were those guys actually fucking girls? I argue that game had little to do with most of it. First off: some of them were just really good looking. Being really good looking is not game. Secondly, I’d argue that what some guys were doing was just unrecognized ecosystem game. College is a big ecosystem and it contains thousands upon thousands of interwheeling circles of friends, friends of friends, clubs, classes and acquaintances. They’re all there to be manipulated. Find a circle and pawn it. Position yourself as the alpha, have other guys supplicate to you and make it common knowledge that you are good with women and then reap the rewards. I’ve deconstructed with hindsight the guys that got laid at college and bar the really good looking ones they all seem to have used a similar system. It goes something like this:

  1. Arrive at college. Don’t gush and be friendly. Create an aura of detached cool from day one.
  2. Deign gushing chodes with your presence and value-tap them. They will start to supplicate to you and build your legend. Let it be known that you are ‘good with women’, perhaps drop anecdotes or hints here and there, or stick up a lot of photos of “ex girlfriends”, all hot, on your wall.
  3. Have some form of gambit for your coolness. This can be as simple as being the guy with all the liquor in his room that everyone goes back to after the club kicks out. Or maybe the guy with all the records and the DJ decks. Or maybe you’re the really jacked guy. Or the guy who’s uncle works in the record industry.
  4. Wait until girls IOI you. Wait until said girls are drunk or high.
  5. Fuck them.
  6. Be discrete. Never admit it. This makes you safe for other girls to fuck plus everyone will know it anyway.

I saw that system used time and time again at college. It’s the same old system cave-men used to get laid. It’s the system which guys exploit to get girls from nightclubs. It’s called hypergamy. Could these guys be called naturals? Maybe they were, after all it’s a simple and effective way to get girls, but just because a guy milked a few dozen pussies out of college over three years doing this doesnt qualify him as so. What they are doing is of course “natural” but they don’t fall under my definition of ‘a Natural’.

Let’s move beyond college. Here it becomes far easier to weed out who the real naturals are. First off, we simply discount anyone really good looking and with at least an ounce of game. After this we need to weed out guys who are milking ecosystems.

  • Work in a bar or club and get laid? No.
  • Work in media or fashion and get laid? No.
  • Work as a dive instructor, ski instructor, tour rep etcetera? No.
  • Teach dancing? Teach nightclass? Volunteer in Africa each summer and bang bleeding heart whities? No.

All ecosystem. If you’re not good looking, and you’re not in college, and you’re not working an ecosystem and you bang double figures numbers of girls most years and either never learned game or were doing this before you did… then congratulations you’re a natural. They do exist. I’ve met a few.

I take that back. I don’t think double figures is an accurate requirement. I’d say half a dozen. Doesn’t sound like a lot? Most men fuck less than that their whole lives. Plenty of good looking guys are hitting bars three times a week and fucking three girls a year. Or one or two. Six girls a year from age fifteen to thirty five gives you ninety girls which is a huge laycount, far, far, far in excess of most men’s wildest imaginations.

In my next post I’ll analyze some of the true naturals that I’ve met and take a guess at what makes them tick.