One False Move: SDL near-miss 1

It’s been a month or so since I’ve done any Game. I’ve been ill a few times and busy. I head out Saturday and try a new part of London. I weasel two sets then don’t see a single other one the whole day. My AA feels enormous. I feel like I’m restarting daygame at(…)

Budapest: Day Four 1

It’s the last day of my four day set-orgy in Budapest. By now I have a morbid dread of getting so close to my 100 set target and failing that I’m out super-early yet again. I’m starting to flag by now. In fact it seems horrifying to have to do 25 more sets that day.(…)

Budapest: Day Three 0

Day three and I’m up and out early. My goal of 100 sets is now tangible and possible. There’s a remarkable clarity of purpose that comes when the weasel is vanquished. I scoff my breakfast and don’t dawdle: all the minutiae of nano-weasels that it’s possible to build into a day are voided. In fact(…)

Budapest: Day Two 0

I know I’m a changed man from the year before when I’m up and out by 10.30. I’m itching to crank the set wheel and I know I’ve got an itch to try and do 100 sets in the 4 days. If I can do 29 today it’s possible. My God… that’s a LOT of(…)

Budapest: Day One 0

I’m very excited to reach Budapest. I’d been umming and ahhing all year with the idea of a ‘game mini-break’ and had so far not been keen, due to 2 reasons: 1) The year before I’d gone on a (for me) disastrous 3 week euro-trip with Krauser, Burto and Jambone where I’d completely wigged out(…)

Some text game. 4

My text game has gone through a baptism of fire the last three months. Time and time again I’ve lost good leads due to shit text game. Despondently I realised that street game doesn’t transfer (much) to the art of the SMS; it was time to hang up the 16oz gloves for a while and(…)

The Hump 1

I’ve tried to learn the guitar five times in my life. I love rock music and I’d love to be able to play along to my favourite tracks and express myself on the instrument. I also love the way they look and could happily abandon myself to the fetishistic obsession of guitar collection: the horned(…)

BOOM! First SDL from daygame: Part Two 10

Tom Torero has given me a great tip on a bar location and I’m waiting there. In the meantime I’ve had another pre-fight strategy call with Krauser. The likelihood of getting laid is now stunningly high. I contemplate the thought of actually having to physically fuck this girl. Shit! How can I be great in(…)

BOOM! First SDL from daygame: Part One 4

It’s March. Me and Krauser have been out for the day strolling round town. Late afternoon, around 4ish, we’ve reached Trafalgar Square. I’m tired and feeling like calling it a day. Krauser points out a girl in the distance: tall, leggy and with skin-tight black leggings on displaying an amazing ass: like someone dipped a(…)

Hello again 0

Well I’ve decided to start blogging again. I’ve put this off for a long time. Even as I type this I realize how the wheels of writing, the ability to shape, express and present my thoughts in a succinct fashion has, to what extent I ever acquired it, certainly seized up and gone rusty. I(…)