My game is “awful” 9

I was out today doing daygame with a friend, in my current EE city of residence. Feeling sorry for myself I was bemoaning what I perceived to be my current lack of success with daygame. “I’m not doing that well at present” I explained. “I certainly am not one of those guys that can be(…)

The Very Special Life Of The Hot Twenty Year Old Girl 7

A week ago I saw a skinny girl wandering through the street. I thought she was hotter than average, and had a dreamy, gormless look on her face which said “open me”. A few minutes into the set and I learn she’s Russian, studying here, and considers herself extraordinarily intelligent and beautiful. “I have many(…)

5 Traps Intermediate Daygamers Fall Into 2

Ahhh daygame! The noble pursuit of the urban pussy-footpad. The legerdemain of the pavement conversationalist…. I remember daygame. I sometimes forget how much daygame I’ve actually done: well over a thousand sets so far. As my time in limbo draws to a close my imminent departure to catch the late european season lurks just round(…)

Understanding female obesity 8

I was talking to a friend recently and he pondered “it’s amazing women are so fat, given how much more important looks are to them”. It’s a subtle but important point: looks affect a woman’s SMV more than a man’s do so can we treat weight gain equally across sexes? People are getting fatter, we(…)

The Unfuckables 6

There’s a certain frustrating dichotomy with MILFs. On the one hand they are incontrovertibly GAGGING FOR IT, on the other hand there’s always some reason that they are over thirty and single and that reason may well frustratingly interpose itself between your game and her pussy. Most MILFs are sexually frustrated; as they’ve aged their(…)

Self Development material shout-out.. 14

Comrades, I’m now back in my hometown and looking at a month or so of not-particularly-thrilling-or-globetrotting time. I’m filling it with activities and concentrating on working out a lot and stocking up a good credit of time spent with my family; but I have to say the likelihood of doing any game until I leave(…)

Get any girl any time! 4

A newbie mistake in game is to assume that all girls are fuckable at any time given the right moves and the correct application of secret PUA powers. I sitting on the train reading that bit in The Game where Style goes to a PUA conference and two girls accidentally walk in on the crowds of PUAs and supposedly(…)

The Poison Pill 6

It’s not a great name, but it’s what I used to call it. I was talking to a friend the other day who, whilst a fairly accomplished nightgamer is just really starting out with daygame. He mentioned that he sometimes goes out and only does a couple of sets then heads home, running out of(…)

Approachathon…. halted! 16

I’ve learned an important lesson: vibe, not quantity, is king, and although I still hold that sometimes Approachathons are very valuable tools this time around I found my Approachathon rapidly soured my vibe: I started to feel down and miserable so I decided to just stop. There’s simply no point progressing: if you feel shitty(…)