The loneliness of the long-distance daygamer 11

It’s Approachathon day seven, or T-8 (I extended by one day). I’m 108 sets towards my goal of 200 by the end of next Monday. It’s tough, but there again daygame is tough. Tough as hell. Can anyone but the hardcore euro-jaunt daygamer really understand what intermediate and above daygamers go through? Nightgame’s difficult in(…)

Approachathon 0

Day T -12 I decided yesterday to do another Approachathon, the definition of which is to do a fixed number of approaches in a set time. I’ve so far done two: the first of which was to reach a thousand sets in total by the end of last year, which I achieved; the second of(…)

More daygame in the FSU 0

So after a pretty long layoff I’m back in the daygame saddle. Six weeks in Singapore and virtually no game, then four miserable weeks in FSU Country #1 (where Tom and Krauser killed it… LOL) and finally I’m in FSU Country #2, a place that I actually like and is full of targets. I was(…)

On Naturals: Part Three 1

This is the final part in my three-part series on naturals. As a quick recap: in part one I defined a Natural as: The Natural: the man who can, without explicitly learning game, based on his own charisma or magnetism attract and sleep with lots of women of a respectable quality. I then discussed the(…)

Lessons from the pig farm 13

My quality threshold took a dive when I was in Singapore. The city-state is virtually un-daygameable so I was left with the very poor second choices of nightgame and online game. The first I toyed with and found the usual high-investment waste of time, the second full of the usual timewasters and morons. I ended(…)

Re-styling 2

Keen eyed readers will notice I’ve pimped up the styling of the blog. I felt it was time for a change. I like to think the new style is humble and placid and in keeping with the tone of my writing. I’m moving servers as well so please excuse any technical hitches. If your comment(…)

Pop Quiz 4

You’ve flown to Jakarta for a four day break. You have three evenings: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You’re tired on your first night but force yourself to go out anyway. The first bar you’re in you get chatting to a girl who seems to not be a whore. A low 7. She’s 29 but looks(…)

Solo club game! 0

Singapore has been fairly low key. I’ve banged four birds but not done a huge amount of work or been out a lot. I should say ‘lot’ because I guess I’ve had ten or so dates so far but in terms of gamey trips abroad this is nothing. Singapore just isn’t that good for game;(…)

Step by Step: The American Tourist (part Two) 1

Continuing from Part One… We leave and walk up the road. I again force her to walk behind me but of course with a smirk and a half-jokey manner. Then I then offer her my arm. She links it. Compliance test passed. I now know exactly where I am in the Pick Up. I have(…)

Step by Step: The American Tourist 2

It was the height of summer. London was thronged with tourists and me and Nick had whiled away a few pleasant hours on a Sunday sauntering through the parks and tourists sights, chatting to a number of particularly attractive younger ladies. The day was drawing to a close and we were in Trafalgar Square. I(…)