Advice for a daygame daytrip 9

My buddy is off to Edinburgh today to meet his friend and do some daygame: a daygame daytrip! They’re both beginner daygamers, although he has had two girls on dates before from daygame, which given his low total approach count is excellent going. I thought I’d use their trip as fodder for a new post and dish out some advice, so here are my tips on how to get the most out of a daygame daytrip.

Burn the town

If you don’t live near the town and can’t come back easily for dates then there’s only really one point of going there to do daygame: burn through the town doing tons of approaches and make the day about dealing with your approach anxiety. This is not the time to wander around chatting (ie weaseling) and do a couple of sets: do that in your hometown. Here, go for broke. Your goal for the day should be to pass The Poison Pill and get a little bit of state, then reinforce to yourself that daygame can be fun, without anxiety and not caring about blowouts and outcomes…. once you have done enough sets.

For a newbie daygamer I’d suggest a minimum set count for the day of TEN. I tend to do 25 sets on days like this, but this can seem like an impossible goal for a beginner.

The reactions you get on the day don’t matter so much. It’s better to do ten approaches and have ten eye-rolls or “you’re creepy”s than to go home without having done your approaches. It’s about numbers. If needs be then have a mini-breakdown in McDonalds at 5pm and then rush up and down the main street and open ten girls in thirty minutes… BUT GET THE SETS DONE.

Anti-Weaseling tactics

I’ve recently noticed that daygame is a bit like nightgame, in that if you aren’t fairly experienced at it then if you don’t start approaching very early you start ‘going in your head’, becoming quiet, becoming shifty and moody. To cope with a daygame daytrip I’d suggest laying out some anti-weasel tactics to prevent this. My recommended technique would be as follows:

  1. Set a fixed start time for the day. Start early! 12 o’clock at the latest.
  2. Allot the first 40 minutes as no approaches allowed. Just walk round, point out girls you like, make up theoretical good openers for them and build up some reverse-psychology energy to approach.
  3. At the 40 minute point you now have 20 minutes to open your first set. If you do not open it in this time WRITE THE DAY OFF and immediately call it off. You have to genuinely mentally commit to this and be serious about carrying it out. It works: it’s one of the ways your forebrain can control your hindbrain. Your tricky hindbrain feels that the sense of shame and disappointment would outweigh the temporary discomfort of doing a single ten-second approach so, as always, picks the route of least distress
  4. After the first approach you now have x minutes to approach the next 4 girls. I would suggest forty minutes. Remember, you’re just here for the day so who gives a fuck what the reactions are? Again, if you fail at this goal write the day off. None of this will be easy, but believe me it’s better than wandering round for hours feeling shitter and shitter and more angry and going home, worst of all, having done no sets or even worse, having done a few sets but feeling shit about the whole thing. If this is done right you should find yourself around one hour forty minutes after the start with five sets under your belt. Now kick back, slightly relax, and start picking your targets. Aim to do five more in the next two hours. DO NOT go home until they are done.

Crash the train

The day is about approaches but it doesn’t mean you should toss away the goose that laid a golden egg, if you find one. Keep your eyes out for that rare chance of stumbling on a super hot SDL (Same Day Lay) prospect hot lead. For newbies, the core two signs of this are this: as you run round and stop her momentum then 1) her eyes spazz and widen and she looks at you with a sex look 2) she steps closer. Closing the distance is the big one. If she then additionally touches your arm this is an almost dead-cert SDL girl. Toss your approachathon in the bin and go for it. You don’t live in this town and can’t come back easily so try and fuck her that day. Follow this simple plan:

  1. Chat to her for five minutes
  2. Bounce for a coffee. Run comfort and rapport for one hour, making sure to spike twice. Ascertain logistics.
  3. Bounce to pub. Sit in booth, side by side. Escalate. Touch her hands, hair. Look in her eyes. Kiss her. Try six times if she rebuffs.
  4. According to logistics either a) peak the escalation and try fuck her in the toilets b) de-escalate, make it fun, then wheedle yourself back to her place to cook dinner. Try and fuck her there.

There’s years of experience outlined here, quickly, and you’ll almost certainly fuck it up, but it’s good to have a simple plan and try step through it if the daygame gods give you the chance.


You don’t live here so you can do crazy things you wouldn’t normally do at home. Once you and your wing are warmed up then try some new things. If you’re scared of going super-direct then give that a try for five sets each, for example.

Don’t stop

If you get through your ten sets, minimum each, then stay out. Get some dinner then build on your lowered AA and go out to some bars. After the bars do ‘gutter game’.

Watch your wing

This is really a topic for an entire post on its own, but be careful picking your wing. It’s best to use a tried and trusted wing or not bother at all and go solo. Don’t invest your trip on a random, untested wing you met online. If you have a wing, then they should not be a weasel. Look out at all times for them trying to project their AA onto you or fuck with your state: newbie daygamers do this ruthlessly with each other. Also, beware of the State SeeSaw. There’s a particularly harsh human behavioural phenomenon which exists where one person’s rising energy can push another person’s down. In daygame, manipulative wings can use your AA to make themselves feel better about their approaches. As you bottle up and go in your head they’ll do more and more approaches, feeling better and better, and a sick see-saw effect takes place. They’ll then become overtly effusive and warm, making egregious attempts to gee you up and get you to approach, but secretly delighting in how much better they’re doing than you. They’re putting one foot on your back to push themselves up: ‘barrel stepping’ ( like crabs in a barrel!).

This is a pretty dark scenario, but I’ve seen it happen many times (and been on the receiving end). If you feel it happen then either start approaching and flip the seesaw, or go your own way.

Reward yourself

Assuming you reached your set-count of the day then be pleased about this. Reward yourself. Count out your little set-tracking coins and feel proud. Write a record on a special chart. You have now shown the discipline and commitment to start to get somewhere. Have a fancy dinner and a pint.

You probably aren’ going to get laid from a daygame daytrip, and you probably aren’t going to get usable leads, but they are still useful endeavours. Good luck with yours.