South America #1 12

I’ll try to make this short n sweet: I suddenly have a lot more to do with my life than spend it online.

My choices were Europe or South America, and I’ve picked the latter. The timing’s not great, it would be better to enjoy the European summer (and avoid the SA winter) until late September then head across, but other reason overrode this. The core one was that I still felt a bad taste in my mouth from Euro jaunts given my three successive and disappointing ones last year.

I also just wanted to try something different, and recapture that delicious feeling of culture shock I had when first visiting China. Could SA be a virgin territory, a repository stuffed full of different flavours of sweet culture shock for me to sample?

So far, two days in, it seems the answer is ‘yes’. I’m in Buenos Aires and my game-developed sixth sense (on vibe/life in general, not neccessarily game) is telling me things look good. The place has the magical quality that I’m looking for: “vibiness”. It’s hard to descibe, but it has it. I’ve made a few killer decisions correctly and landed on my feet, picking a fantastic, trendy neighbourhood to live in. An old RSG friend, Captain Strangelove is living nearby with his girl so my first night on the ground I find myself wandering through gorgeous, tree lined neighbourhoods, looking at happy people sitting in pavement bars drinking local wines, then I enjoy a delightful evening on the rooftop terrace eating amazing Argentine steak and pork.

Not for me sitting in a bedsit and trying to “scoop” the country, oh no. I’m seeking richness of life. I’m starting intensive Spanish on Monday. Two weeks later I begin my TEFL course. I’m already looking for apartments. I’ll find a gym in the next day or so and also look for group classes, maybe Pilates or boxing (if I can find a safe gym).

Game-wise… I’ve found myself wandering round, fascinated with the place and forgetting all about it: probably a good sign. However, it’ll bite me in the ass if I don’t start working on it. I want my experience here seasoned with the spice of women. I’ve got so much to say on this, plus my general New And Revised Travelling Philosophy that it’ll take multiple posts to explain it, but I’ll start trying to articulate it and sketch it out. Basically, if game/women is the most important thing in my life then my results will be sub-optimal and, for game/women to be the most important thing, my life will be missing aspects and that situation will probably lead me to slowly become depressed.

Unfortunately the truth is that game/women IS the most important thing for me at this age, however I need to pull off a subtle and cunning mental trick and de-prioritise it to get premium results. Do you get it? Look at Dorian Yates in his prime. What was his core piece of bodybuilding advice?

If bodybuilding is the most important thing in your life then you’ll probably never be elite level.

A nifty mental trick from an interesting guy with interesting viewpoints.

So, I plan to live a full and busy life, and repeat the steps that made me have such a wild, rich and amazing time in China: being busy, living in a vibey place and having a very rich social life with lots of friends.

Game-wise, my strategy is thus:

Social circle
Self explanatory

Sign up. Leave it. See if I get matches. If it produces a consistent trickle of dates with 7’s then keep at it, otherwise delete it as a depressing distraction and avoidance-hole.


I suspect it’ll be hard, given the hassle girls get on the streets here, but I’m going to damn well give it a try and report back the results. Already indirect game seems great: coffee shops, streets, etcetera, and I seem to have some shininess level.

If I find some non-Value-Tapping friends to do it with, I’ll give it a crack. No great hopes bar late nights and wasted days.


I was going to indulge myself with a set of ‘Predictions’ about how I’d find my time here, but let’s just see what happens instead: I don’t want to reality-weave myself. Remember the quote from Michelangelo?