My game is “awful” 9

I was out today doing daygame with a friend, in my current EE city of residence. Feeling sorry for myself I was bemoaning what I perceived to be my current lack of success with daygame. “I’m not doing that well at present” I explained. “I certainly am not one of those guys that can be banging a new girl a week on average, or even two new girls a month”. I tried to phrase what I thought my exact current level was:

I think that given my current condition:

  • Age 40
  • Overweight
  • Average looking

that if I moved to a EE city, committed to a multi-month stay and most importantly:

did regular, social activities, even perhaps taught english, to get a decent group of friends and feel positive with a normal vibe

then with the following work:

three months of

  • regular, intense social contact to stop a) depression and b) weirdness and to increase vibe
  • two decent daygame sessions a week, say 3 hours each, 5-10 sets a time


I am confident I can get….

  • a 25-28 year old, mid 7, pleasant girl to date me and put out.
  • There is also a 30% chance that instead of the above I’d land an 8, or a very young, approx 20 year-old super hot-girl instead, as I consistently get these opportunities come my way (sooner or later one will stick!)
  • I’d probably also bang a random six from daygame or social circle, possibly even another low seven instead, or in addition to.

During the three months, from social circle and hobbies, I’d probably net:

  • One 28-35 year old 7 who wanted me as boyfriend or mystery-fuck.
  • 40% chance of netting higher quality girl, an 8 or young 7.

As I finished my wing gave me a funny look and said, “Dude…. this really ain’t that bad”. And I realized that it isn’t. It’s amazing that the brain has a habit on focusing on what it doesn’t have rather than on what it does have. Probably there’s some glib or fancy way to explain that in the self-development community.

I started sniggering. My forebrain had caught my hindbrain out again in the act of negativity. I apologized.

The reality is that my current abilities, compared to that of the average-looking, overweight, forty-year old are…. wonderful. Should I tell them this they would likely say:


“How far off do you think you are from the banging one or more hot girls a month-level?” asked my friend.

I thought hard, and the answer’s probably enough for another post.