Give Up 1

One strategy that I don’t think the Gamosphere gives enough time to considering is that of giving up the ‘tactical retreat’. I believe that for a number of men that this represents their best option for the least-miserable life. Take a step back, look at the hordes and hordes of desperately unhappy, frustrated, bitter and(…)

Guest post 0

..and for the 1% of my traffic that don’t come via Nick’s blog…. I have just put up a guest post at

Same Day-De(no)lay 1

It’s a bright, brisk Sunday afternoon and I’m strolling near Victoria with Nick. ‘What about her… I think she’s on her own… Brazilian’  he says, pointing out a girl ambling by. He’s spotted a solo girl and she’s not quite thin enough for him so he’s pointing her out to me, as I don’t mind(…)

Near miss: massive-titted 25 year old Frenchie 2

It’s summer time. After a Saturday afternoon of walking round zone one I’m winding the day up by walking past Buckingham Palace. There’s usually no sets there but it’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle. I’m about to head back through Green Park when I spot a little hamster walking by with(…)

Another day(game) 0

Another weekend passes. It’s rapidly becoming freezing cold. The sky is overcast and the weather lends a suppressed, sober vibe to London. Such is autumn. At least the parks are beautiful: intense oranges, reds and browns, like a Klimt painting. Saturday me and Krauser are in a reasonable mood but really just not that bothered.(…)

Unexpected Consequences of taking the Red Pill: #1 : Career derailment. 10

By trade I’m a chemical engineer. I’ve invested a lot in this career: difficult A-levels, an expensive and difficult degree and then eight or so years of constantly trying to improve myself as an engineer, suffering awful jobs and poor environments for the prize of skills acquisition. I nostalgically remember at certain points taking great(…)

One False Move: SDL near-miss 1

It’s been a month or so since I’ve done any Game. I’ve been ill a few times and busy. I head out Saturday and try a new part of London. I weasel two sets then don’t see a single other one the whole day. My AA feels enormous. I feel like I’m restarting daygame at(…)

Budapest: Day Four 1

It’s the last day of my four day set-orgy in Budapest. By now I have a morbid dread of getting so close to my 100 set target and failing that I’m out super-early yet again. I’m starting to flag by now. In fact it seems horrifying to have to do 25 more sets that day.(…)

Budapest: Day Three 0

Day three and I’m up and out early. My goal of 100 sets is now tangible and possible. There’s a remarkable clarity of purpose that comes when the weasel is vanquished. I scoff my breakfast and don’t dawdle: all the minutiae of nano-weasels that it’s possible to build into a day are voided. In fact(…)

Budapest: Day Two 0

I know I’m a changed man from the year before when I’m up and out by 10.30. I’m itching to crank the set wheel and I know I’ve got an itch to try and do 100 sets in the 4 days. If I can do 29 today it’s possible. My God… that’s a LOT of(…)