Step by Step: The American Tourist 2

It was the height of summer. London was thronged with tourists and me and Nick had whiled away a few pleasant hours on a Sunday sauntering through the parks and tourists sights, chatting to a number of particularly attractive younger ladies. The day was drawing to a close and we were in Trafalgar Square. I(…)

Daygame Singapore 4

I did a little daygame in downtown Singapore last weekend. From what I could see I was the ONLY person doing so, although from a quick Gooling there do appear to be a couple of bootcamps running now and again. Singapore is not easy for daygame and here’s why: targets. I spotted very few girls,(…)

Sabbatical Day 18 0

Disclaimer I am going to use this blog to discuss the time I’m taking out from my normal career. These posts don’t really cover game and will read more like journal entries. Sabbatical Day 18 I am now on day 18 of my (possibly ephemeral) early retirement from the corporate rat race. So far I’ve(…)

Tinder 3

“Oh is this the way they say the future’s meant to feel? Or just 20,000 people staring at a screen, And I don’t quite understand just what this feeling is.” Today I signed up for Tinder. I’ve heard a lot about it. Let me review my prior knowledge for you. Friend One: Portugese, 30, swarthy,(…)

Early Retirement: Day One 6

I finished my job yesterday after 14 months of work. Before starting this job I thought I’d successfully brainwashed myself into being excited about my chosen vocation and that I could conduct a forebrain initiated restructuring of my satisfaction pathways and recommence an exciting career in IT. Wrong. A month in and I was exhausted(…)

Singapore Bootcamps 0

Just incase you are one of my few regulars who lives in Singapore or Malaysia or Asia… (admittedly a small chance) Please note I have decided to do some coaching at some point this and next month when I am in Singapore. The squeeze page is here:  

Time wasters 0

Game not only gets you girls it stops girls wasting your time. Sometimes you have dry spells and a string of near-misses and think that everything sucks…. but it’s easy to forget your game is humming there in the background like a force field, at the very least stopping girls constantly fucking with you and(…)

Doing nothing isn’t easy 12

I always thought quitting my job and doing nothing would be idyllic. Ever since I started my career in my early 20s I hated it. For me it was a non-stop battle against fatigue, sleep-deprivation, boredom, annoyance and stress. For most of my working life I’ve had to sacrifice sleep or mental state: I’ve simply(…)

Bubble Bursting 2

Bubble-Bursting is an intermediate to advanced technique but is often used unconsciously by beginners or chodes and selectively by advanced players. Bubble Bursting is the technique of deliberately letting the magic PUA intimacy bubble pop to push a compliance and interest test on the girl. Consider the junior player. Coming from chodesville he finally learns(…)

Early Retirement 24

After I finish writing this blog post I will hand my notice in to leave my job. I then plan to spend up to the next two years doing something very important: living my life Which means that all of my time will be my own and not spent ‘working for the man’. Before I(…)