Death By A Thousand Sluts 35


Finally… I released my book.

I started writing this in January 2014 with a simple remit: describe the phases someone would go through when doing their first thousand sets of daygame. God knows I’d had ups and downs and I thought a book breaking down the phases, the emotions, the weasels and the issues would be useful.

It all got a bit out of hand. As I wrote I found that my remit had disappeared, and I was writing for therapy. I ended up with a 180,000 word monster: a ghoulishly fascinating look at one man’s descent into the weird world of pickup and the long, convoluted journey to approach a thousand women on the streets of London.

It’s part novel, part psychology book, part game textbook. My reviewers have told me that it’s “squalid”, “hilarious”, “real”, “dark” and “raw”. If you like my writing you’ll almost certainly like this, and you might even learn a thing or two.

For more information and some screenshots, click here.