Daygame Buenos Aires 6

I couldn’t live with myself for not giving it a go, so I’ve started and am now 62 sets into Experiment Buenos Aires. The inital results suggest I was sort of 70% wrong about daygame here.

Firstly, and most importantly, it’s not impossible by any means. In fact, it’s not that difficult. Not that difficult, I should add, if you’ve done over a thousand sets of daygame and have had experience of tough cities – which, after Belarus, I certainly have. This is not Prague. The girls don’t stop dead and smile and settle in to have a nice chat with you. This is much harder, but do-able.

First, I was right in that girls are in constant fear of (mainly) being mugged or hassled. I’ve NEVER seen a city where girls have such powerful anti-approach radar. I’ve checked out girls on the other side of the street and I shit you not they somehow *sense* it and give me a suspicious, scared look before running into a shop. I’ve never seen a girl wear her rucksack on her actual back, they all wear them strapped to their front like mutant baby carriers. I thought it was fashion. No: it’s because otherwise someone will slash it open or tear it off them. You miss this side of life (fingers crossed, touch wood) when you’re 6’2, weigh 222lbs, have a shaved head and emanate beta rage.

I’ve had to adapt my usual daygame. First off, the arc when you street stop has to be bigger. Perhaps. It depends on vibe. When my vibe’s good, and my timing is *flawless*, then it doesn’t. However, post kill-momentum the distance DEFINITELY needs to be greater than in Europe. The exception is occasionally when you get a really strong set, you can close the gap and start a simmering body language thing going.

Openers. I started very indirect, but soon realised that despite all the street crime and constant seedy hassling of women by seedy men (I mean the ones not doing daygame) that you don’t actually have to go indirect. As long as you’re not crudely sexual and amplify the English gentleman thing, girls like it. This is because… NOBODY HERE DOES DAYGAME. I LITERALLY have an entire city to myself with zero others daygamers. Oh, there are thousands and thousands of men catcalling, leering, whistling, yelling obscenties to women, virtually all women on a daily basis… but nobody is actually making any effort to actually seduce a woman. They’ve never had an interesting (I’m English: canned value) guy stop them and clearly and politely tell them: “you look very stylish”, or “you are wearing a beautiful dress, I like it. You look Italian”.

Number closes are hard though. Girls are VERY reticent about doling out digits but are happy with Facebook. The sad fact is that Facebook is the killer of great sets. I’ve had a couple of very good sets that have refused to dish out a number, I’ve gotten them on Facebook, we’ve exchanged a few messages and it’s just died.

Quality level is acceptable. I avoid the centre and fish in a studenty/businessy suburb, usually at lunchtime. There is a constant, undminished stream of 7’s. A daygamer with low calibration could do 20 sets an hour, with ease. I generally do around 5. There are no 9’s. In an hour I might see a tonne of 8’s, who are sadly sub 20, and perhaps one or two in their mid 20’s.

  • So far, out of 62 sets, oh… off the top of my head, my results are:
  • 3 or 4 harsh blowouts
  • a lot of “no eenglish”es
  • 1 yes-girl 23 yo HB7 that I’ve had on 3 dates and am slowly fucking up with
  • 1 26 yo HB8 v. sexy girl, either a yes-girl or a subtle timewaster. not sure yet
  • maybe in 10 sets 1 will be really good, 1 will be reasonable

My daygame here is constantly evolving. I started off ultra-cautious, and now I’m realising that my best results are to move back to direct game. As I do more and more sets I’m becoming more direct and escalating more. I think I’ll end up running the same game as I would in any other country bar two differences: 1) greater distance 2) expecting less numbers.

I definitely feel I’ve gained a new stripe on my daygame belt. Something has really clicked in the last two weeks. Firstly, my inner game/motivation has stunned myself. I never actually expected to uncover such resolve in myself and acceptance of the long term grind/workrate. I find myself stunned to every single day head out, at lunchtime! And crank off five good sets, very rapidly, with very good skill and with very little AA at all. This is a new way of doing daygame for me. I have NEVER before managed to do anything but big ‘sessions’ and always dreamed of being able to do small bursts. Finally, it seems I can. I don’t know how, but I just can, and I don’t think I can go back. Cranking off 5 sets at lunchtime or after work, with zero fatigue of emotional cost, is daygame perfection. It does wonders for your work ethic: I’ve always said it’s easier to go to the gym every day than it is to go once a week. It also stops vibe-attrition, which happens on long, gruelling sessions.

I don’t know if I’ll ultimately bang any girls here, but I’m stunned at how much of a better head-space I’m in than on my trips last year. A technique stripe and an inner-game stripe I think…