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  1. This is not a democracy. I don’t care about your opinion unless I know and respect you
  2. No comments from Gammas (especially Czech ones)
  3. No eulogizing about PUA Guru X or Y. It’s so boring.
  4. Do not lecture me about the PUA wisdom of Steve Jabba
  5. I am not Nick Krauser
  6. No i) frame-control ii) projection iii) doth-complaining-too-much iv) fronting v) insults
  7. You’re probably not as clever or as clever with your frame-control as you think you are
  8. You’re probably in some way Crab-Stepping (see book)
  9. You can only call me fat if a) you meet Rule 1 or b) do not break any other rules or c) you upload a signed and notarised photo of yourself with your shirt off
  10. You’re into PUA. The likelihood is you’re an avoidant fantasist creating an idealized self through projective comments in a hyper-reality. See Rule 1.



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  1. Steven Kelly
    Oct 26, 2016 @ 11:56:23

    Hi John, I recently listened to the Tom Torero podcast about the inner game rollercoaster. I have also read your first book and enjoyed it very much. You touch on the fact you had problems approaching even though you wanted to. I am also having problems approaching at the moment, much to my annoyance. What helped you start approaching? Could you give me any helpful advice on how to have a better mindset, and improve my inner game?

    Looking forward to read your new book


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