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Sabbatical: Day 98 8

Can it really only be ninety eight days since I left work? In that short period I feel like I’ve lived three lifetimes. When I think back to being at work: the commute, the office, the people, the colours of the cubicle walls, the feel of my legs under the desk, the noise of chit chat; it(…)

On Naturals: Part Two 2

In my first post I mused a little on the phenomena of the ‘natural’: the man whom using only his pre-alloted share of charm and charisma and without, dare I say,  ‘formally’ learning game proceeds through life casually acquiring notches at a super-normal rate. I questioned how many of these naturals existed and made the(…)

On Naturals: Part One 11

I used to believe in Naturals. The Natural: the man who can, without explicitly learning game, based on his own charisma or magnetism attract and sleep with lots of women of a respectable quality. As a chode who regarded the sexual marketplace as nothing more than an indicipherable set of secret, mysterious customs I knew of(…)

Why I hate TV Series’ 18

  “Religion is the opiate of the masses” Not anymore.  “Television is the opiate of the masses” Not anymore.  “American TV Series’ are the opiate of the middle masses” More or less…. with a touch of hyperbole. There’s a new drug sweeping the country. It’s a soporific. Most addicts take it every night. The effects?(…)

Lessons from the pig farm 13

My quality threshold took a dive when I was in Singapore. The city-state is virtually un-daygameable so I was left with the very poor second choices of nightgame and online game. The first I toyed with and found the usual high-investment waste of time, the second full of the usual timewasters and morons. I ended(…)

Elasticity 8

I always struggled with escalation. It wasn’t even funny the number of girls I got on dates, just talked all evening to and then went home sad because “it hadn’t happened”. Then I discovered that it doesn’t “just happen” and you actually have to make it happen, you have to escalate. This was news to(…)

Re-styling 2

Keen eyed readers will notice I’ve pimped up the styling of the blog. I felt it was time for a change. I like to think the new style is humble and placid and in keeping with the tone of my writing. I’m moving servers as well so please excuse any technical hitches. If your comment(…)

Pop Quiz 4

You’ve flown to Jakarta for a four day break. You have three evenings: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You’re tired on your first night but force yourself to go out anyway. The first bar you’re in you get chatting to a girl who seems to not be a whore. A low 7. She’s 29 but looks(…)