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Self Development material shout-out.. 14

Comrades, I’m now back in my hometown and looking at a month or so of not-particularly-thrilling-or-globetrotting time. I’m filling it with activities and concentrating on working out a lot and stocking up a good credit of time spent with my family; but I have to say the likelihood of doing any game until I leave(…)

Get any girl any time! 4

A newbie mistake in game is to assume that all girls are fuckable at any time given the right moves and the correct application of secret PUA powers. I sitting on the train reading that bit in The Game where Style goes to a PUA conference and two girls accidentally walk in on the crowds of PUAs and supposedly(…)

The Poison Pill 6

It’s not a great name, but it’s what I used to call it. I was talking to a friend the other day who, whilst a fairly accomplished nightgamer is just really starting out with daygame. He mentioned that he sometimes goes out and only does a couple of sets then heads home, running out of(…)

Approachathon…. halted! 16

I’ve learned an important lesson: vibe, not quantity, is king, and although I still hold that sometimes Approachathons are very valuable tools this time around I found my Approachathon rapidly soured my vibe: I started to feel down and miserable so I decided to just stop. There’s simply no point progressing: if you feel shitty(…)

The loneliness of the long-distance daygamer 11

It’s Approachathon day seven, or T-8 (I extended by one day). I’m 108 sets towards my goal of 200 by the end of next Monday. It’s tough, but there again daygame is tough. Tough as hell. Can anyone but the hardcore euro-jaunt daygamer really understand what intermediate and above daygamers go through? Nightgame’s difficult in(…)

Approachathon 0

Day T -12 I decided yesterday to do another Approachathon, the definition of which is to do a fixed number of approaches in a set time. I’ve so far done two: the first of which was to reach a thousand sets in total by the end of last year, which I achieved; the second of(…)

More daygame in the FSU 0

So after a pretty long layoff I’m back in the daygame saddle. Six weeks in Singapore and virtually no game, then four miserable weeks in FSU Country #1 (where Tom and Krauser killed it… LOL) and finally I’m in FSU Country #2, a place that I actually like and is full of targets. I was(…)

How to turn an email to a number (actual game tip!) 1

Krauser recently momentarily broke his regular sessions of mental masturbation to give some actual real, actionable game tips so I thought I’d copy him and do likewise. Here’s a little gambit you can use when you’re running a daygame set and a girl’s just rebuffed a number-close but has suggested email or Facebook instead. So the(…)

On Naturals: Part Three 1

This is the final part in my three-part series on naturals. As a quick recap: in part one I defined a Natural as: The Natural: the man who can, without explicitly learning game, based on his own charisma or magnetism attract and sleep with lots of women of a respectable quality. I then discussed the(…)

8 Things I noticed about the Former Soviet Union 14

While reclining here in the stain-resistant faux leather sofa of my hometown, Newcastle’s, premier Cafe Nero and gazing out of the open bay windows onto the sun-kissed streets and hordes of deformed, obese and orange-coloured people my mind turned to the past four weeks in the FSU (Former Soviet Union) spent with Messrs. Krauser and(…)