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My game is “awful” 9

I was out today doing daygame with a friend, in my current EE city of residence. Feeling sorry for myself I was bemoaning what I perceived to be my current lack of success with daygame. “I’m not doing that well at present” I explained. “I certainly am not one of those guys that can be(…)

The Very Special Life Of The Hot Twenty Year Old Girl 7

A week ago I saw a skinny girl wandering through the street. I thought she was hotter than average, and had a dreamy, gormless look on her face which said “open me”. A few minutes into the set and I learn she’s Russian, studying here, and considers herself extraordinarily intelligent and beautiful. “I have many(…)

Game stock-check 4

So where’s my game at now? Well, it’s not been easy the last year to be honest. I had a run of success with daygame and banged five hotties back to back last year, started (open) dating one of them and since then everything has been shit. Or rather it hasn’t, really, but that’s just(…)

Sabbatical Day 295 5

So, it’s been a while. Let me check.. almost seven weeks since I’ve blogged. Why so long? A combination of laziness, disinterest, avoidance and business. How is the grand sabbatical going? OK is the answer. I’m now on my third euro-jaunt and enjoying it. Not rip-roaring, snow-boarding, backpacking in asia level enjoying it; that’s not(…)

5 Traps Intermediate Daygamers Fall Into 2

Ahhh daygame! The noble pursuit of the urban pussy-footpad. The legerdemain of the pavement conversationalist…. I remember daygame. I sometimes forget how much daygame I’ve actually done: well over a thousand sets so far. As my time in limbo draws to a close my imminent departure to catch the late european season lurks just round(…)

The Supernatural Female Hivemind Deity 11

On my last Euro jaunt I did  a lot of daygame. I went out when I didn’t feel like it and I walked round, often in baking sunshine and forced myself to open girls. I noticed that I was doing some things sub-optimally and I tried to work on those a little. I had some blowouts and all the(…)

Sabbatical: Day 232 4

It’s been a long time since I gave a sabbatical update. After a quick post search I believe the last update was May 10th, 98 days in. Well I’m now 232 days in. When I wrote that post I’d finished work at the end of January and spent six weeks in Singapore, back for a(…)

Understanding female obesity 8

I was talking to a friend recently and he pondered “it’s amazing women are so fat, given how much more important looks are to them”. It’s a subtle but important point: looks affect a woman’s SMV more than a man’s do so can we treat weight gain equally across sexes? People are getting fatter, we(…)

The Unfuckables 6

There’s a certain frustrating dichotomy with MILFs. On the one hand they are incontrovertibly GAGGING FOR IT, on the other hand there’s always some reason that they are over thirty and single and that reason may well frustratingly interpose itself between your game and her pussy. Most MILFs are sexually frustrated; as they’ve aged their(…)