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First Date Lays 5

Yet again I find myself in a situation which I hate. I get a good lead from Daygame, I work my text game, I get her out for a date and make out with her… but don’t lay her. I then take her on a second and third date and still do not fuck her.(…)

Daygame Buenos Aires 6

I couldn’t live with myself for not giving it a go, so I’ve started and am now 62 sets into Experiment Buenos Aires. The inital results suggest I was sort of 70% wrong about daygame here. Firstly, and most importantly, it’s not impossible by any means. In fact, it’s not that difficult. Not that difficult,(…)

Argentina: The Emperor’s Clothes 12

I’ve been here just over three weeks now. Things are going ok: I’ve got a nice pad and made a couple of local friends. I’ll tell you one thing: the Argies are a lot friendlier than the Czechs.. jeez louise. I’ve just read Roosh’s “Argentina Compendium” and also a good few threads on the RooshV(…)

South America #1 12

I’ll try to make this short n sweet: I suddenly have a lot more to do with my life than spend it online. My choices were Europe or South America, and I’ve picked the latter. The timing’s not great, it would be better to enjoy the European summer (and avoid the SA winter) until late(…)

Advice for a daygame daytrip 9

My buddy is off to Edinburgh today to meet his friend and do some daygame: a daygame daytrip! They’re both beginner daygamers, although he has had two girls on dates before from daygame, which given his low total approach count is excellent going. I thought I’d use their trip as fodder for a new post(…)

High Value Man Game (a.k.a Underpants-Gnome Game) 2

I’m beyond game. The days of trudging the streets are behind me. After all, what kind of High Value man would do that? Now I’m into Value Game. Value Game starts with you, as a High Value man, first identifying what you consider High Value in a man. Then you work to build up these(…)

Sabbatical: Year One 10

I’m actually at Day 403, but let’s not split straws. First off, this is no longer a ‘sabbatical’; that implies I’m taking time off from work. This is now my life. Suggestions on how to rename these posts? How am I feeling? I’m loving it. I’m happy, I’m content and I cannot envisage myself ever(…)

Overcompensation 16

I was talking to my old mate Jimmy Jambone last night about my recent dates. “The problem is” I said, “I’m overcompensating: I’m going way too far in one direction”. The last couple of dates I had were with very hot Russian students, 23 and 22 years old (the second being the TYHOG). I remember(…)

Sabbatical Day 335: A New Direction 13

I’m back in Newcastle now, preparing my next move. Looking back over the last year I’m disattisfied with it. Game-wise I did FAR WORSE than the year before. I fucked more girls this year but the quality sucked. All of them left me disatissfied in some way whereas last year the quality of every single(…)