Argentina: The Emperor’s Clothes 12

I’ve been here just over three weeks now. Things are going ok: I’ve got a nice pad and made a couple of local friends. I’ll tell you one thing: the Argies are a lot friendlier than the Czechs.. jeez louise.

I’ve just read Roosh’s “Argentina Compendium” and also a good few threads on the RooshV forum. It seems to be that the de rigeur opinion on Argentina is that is has some of the hottest women in the world but is a really difficult place to score, with the girls being extremely unpredictable and nightmarish to deal with.

First off, the hotness.

It’s bullcrap.

The girls here are nothing special. Yes, there are hot girls but to be frank they are few and far between. Of course there are more hot girls than in the UK, that’s hardly difficult: there’s more fuckable girls in an Italian monastery than there is in a London nightclub. I wonder if the guys on the Roosh forum just haven’t travelled to Eastern Europe, or in fact Europe at all, before they came down to latin america?

I live in a nice part of town, and I’ve cycled round a lot so for three weeks I’ve seen a LOT of the city. In quality terms I would say it is definitely below Prague, London, Zagreb, and Serbia. As an example, if I nip out of my apartment in Zagreb and go to the shop to buy a pint of milk, I’ll likely see three extremely hot and cute girls I’d like to screw, plus three or so older MILFs in great shape who I’d be happy to screw. In London it’d be zero. In Newcastle it’d be zero. In Belgrade it’d be a couple. In Prague, I’d see three or so. Here, I’d probably see none.

Here’s the truth. The girls in Argentina (Buenos Aires) are NOT exceptionally hot. Let me be the first to try and put an end to this myth.

I think it’s a case of the Emperor’s Clothes, or the usual Leader/Follower Manosphere dynamic. Isn’t it human male nature to get carried away with the pack?

There are HB8’s here, but less than London or Prague. Most of the hottest girls are in the low 8 category. I have yet, in three weeks, to see a single utterly stunning girl, a HB9. In Prague I’d see about 2 a day. In London maybe 1 a day. In Belgrade about 3 or 4 a day, same as Zagreb.

I do wonder if some of the reason for Buenos Aires’ inflated quality standard by Roosh and his followers is this:
-they live Bottom-World lives of sleeping all day in hostels and hitting clubs every night. Maybe the clubs are packed with super-hotties. I am talking about the city, not the clubs
-perhaps they go to Cordoba, which has 3 universities and therefore maybe more hot chicks.
-as I said, maybe a lot of guys hitting latin america have only ever experienced north america and never seen what eastern europe has to offer.

Daygame here is dreadful. I have to confess, I have virtually done NONE. There’s almost no point. I’ve done enough daygame in enough countries to know I have fairly decent calibration and let me tell you this: the vibe on the street here is fucking awful. Girls DO NOT walk around dreamily with a smile on their faces; they scurry round, head down, with a frown – desperately hoping that NO man will talk to them. Why? Because the national pasttime of Argentinian working class men seems to be jeering and wolf-whistling at girls on the streets. Every girl I’ve met regularly gets cat-called and leered at day in and day out. And it’s not just wolf whistles, my main (er, only) prospect here says the shouts are quite threatening and creative. Just the other day she got “Hey baby! You look so nice. With beautiful lips like that you should let me fuck your mouth!”.


Daygame ruined.

I WILL try direct daygame when I get a chance but I’m expecting it to be an utter train-wreck.

Ontop of the bad vibe on the street I’d have to say the girls don’t seem especially sexual. That’s another calibration-call I have. Just talking to them and interacting with them, in shops, cafes, stores, etc, I don’t pick up any tingles that they’re particularly sexual or sensuous. My radar tells me: cold fish. To be honest, they don’t even seem to have that much personality. Looking for bookish introverts? Never mind the wrong country, you’re in the wrong continent.

I don’t regret coming though, as I said I’m doing a course at the minute (hence the reduce blogging) and I’ve made a few friends, and the city really does have a charm to it. It’s cool and there’s an awful lot of culture. Likelihood so far of fucking an Argentine girl = 0%. My main prospect is Venezuelan!…


ps. Edit: I’ve just realized that it may appear I was calling Roosh the ‘Emperor’ (without the clothes). That wasn’t my intent!